Shipping Tips

Overnight Delivery Cost

Tips on Bringing Price Down

Order Packages That Include Free Shipping

The best way to offset shipping prices is to order packages that include free shipping. These packages include our bulk lobster tails package, date night specials, lobster feast and lobster tails & meat package. Once one of these items is in your cart, you can add any other item(s) like our lobster tails, lobster meat, wagyu stripsteak, and wagyu ribeye without additional shipping costs. Orders over $300 also include free shipping.

Order to Offset Shipping Cost

For many, the shipping price is what leads to indecision on purchasing from Lobster Trader. While we try to offer the lowest price on lobster and the lowest cost on shipping compared to any other website, we cannot do anything to lower shipping prices as overnight delivery is both convenient and required. We do, however, have some suggestions to justify the cost.

Adding multiple products only increases the shipping cost an average of $1 per item. You can use the shipping calculator on the cart or checkout page to calculate your shipping. With that in mind, here are some tips.

  1. Order in bulk
    1. Our lobster is flash frozen and always comes in fresh, so you can safely store product in freezer for over a year without worry.
  2. Try a few of our products at a time
    1. We offer a variety of products, try a few so you know what you like best!
  3. Order for friends / family
    1. If you and a few friends/family put in on the same order, it can significantly reduce the cost per product.
  4. Check out our Lobster Club Packs which include free overnight shipping.
    1. If you’re looking for something specific (an odd number of tails, mixing in a few different lobster meat packages, etc), open up the live chat to your lower right and we’ll work with you! If we don’t respond leave a message, or send us a DM on facebook, instagram, or twitter!
    2. If you add a product with free shipping to cart, you can add any additional items which will also receive free shipping!

Our shipping price only increases an average of $1 per item added. This means if you order 2 packs of lobster tails, the shipping cost is only $1 more. Same goes for if you mix and match products. You can bring your cost per tail down significantly by ordering a few packs at a time.

Shipping Cost – Insulated Packaging & Overnight Delivery

Due to the nature of the product, frozen lobster tails, we need to ship with overnight delivery via UPS with insulated packaging. We provide a guarantee that your lobster will stay fresh for 33 hours, meaning when UPS picks up your order (around 5PM EST) our insulated packaging and ice packs will keep your product fresh for 33 hours, ensuring you have ample time to receive it, and place it in your fridge or freezer with the product still being cold.

Insulated Packaging

We have a few forms of insulated packaging based on the size of the order. All of our packaging comes in foam cooler boxes, and while some come with a corrugated exterior box, others for smaller orders do not need them because they come in 2inch thick foam boxes. We also have insulated envelopes for very small orders.

UPS Overnight Delivery

With our corporate partnership we were able to negotiate the best possible rates with UPS to provide you overnight shipping at the lowest possible cost we could find. All of our orders are shipped with UPS overnight to ensure they get to you while your product is still fresh/frozen.