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We’re about 2 months into the launch of our little direct to consumer project here at Lobster Trader, and we are very happy with the response we’ve gotten thus far. Our goal is simple, give fisheries in Nova Scotia, farmers in Australia, and local farmers and distributors here in Buffalo, NY the chance to get their product in the hands of consumers all around the USA. In addition, our other main goal is providing those consumers with the best prices possible. While we plan to bring more of a variety of products in the coming months, let’s take a look at our current selection of frozen lobster tails, wagyu steak and wagyu ribeye, lobster meat and some of the best recipes and combinations to pair them with.

Frozen Lobster Tails

We should start with our frozen lobster tails. Our lobster tails are sourced from Marine Stewardship Council certified fisheries from Nova Scotia, who’s goal is to provide ocean sustainability and the best lobster products possible. When you plan to buy lobster online, considering the source is a good thing to keep in mind. Lobster Trader pledges to provide our customers with the best product using sustainable practices. As we’ve written a few articles and recipes on our lobster tails, there are also many recipes around the web that have caught our eye.

First off, we have our own guide here on how to cook lobster tail two ways, as well as a guide on butter poached lobster.  These are a great starting point for newcomers to this lobster game, however there are some more advanced recipes for when you are trying to create something new and exciting to try.

Frozen Lobster Tails and Lobster Meat from Lobster Trader can be used as an alternate in this delicious Lobster Newberg recipe by AFamilyFeast.com.  A delicious meal that combines lobster with a creamy sherry sauce and toast points, this recipe is a way to elevate a delicacy like lobster.
Lobster Newburg – Image from AFamilyFeast.com

Lobster Newburg

For instance, take a look at this beautiful dish called Lobster Newburg from our friends at A Family Feast.  This dish is both rich and decadent, and your taste buds will surely thank you for giving it a shot.  The Lobster Newburg combines both the natural flavors of lobster as well as a creamy sherry sauce along with a special toast to soak up all that flavor with.  Although the recipe linked calls for 2 live lobsters, you can easily create the dish with some of our lobster tails and cooked lobster meat. This recipe is one of our favorites, and the article gives a great little backstory of the origin of the dish, as well as its current state.

Lobster Fettuccine is a great dish and is Justin Timberlake's Favorite Meal.  Using our Frozen Lobster Tails as well as our Lobster Meat, this recipe is more advanced but the hard work totally pays off.
Lobster Pecorino Fettuccine

Lobster Fettuccine

Another fantastic recipe is our very own Lobster Pecorino Fettuccine.  Lobster and pasta go hand in hand, and this dish combines the two beautifully.  This recipe came to our attention when we saw it was Justin Timberlake’s favorite meal, so we had to post our take on it. This would classify as a fairly advanced recipe and takes much more preparation and time to perfect than other recipes listed. It is, however, absolutely stunning and delicious.

Wagyu Steak & Wagyu Ribeye Selection

Our Wagyu Steak selection is our most recent product addition.  We source our Wagyu Stripsteak and Wagyu Ribeye from Australia with a 9/9 marbling score, the highest on the Australian scale.  When buying a product of this quality, you want to be certain you have the preparation down as it is such a delicacy, and respecting the meat as well as your wallet is important.  We do include a nice cooking instruction sheet with our Wagyu products, and wagyu is a meal to enjoy all by itself, but simple pairings are nice to have as well. Some of our favorite wagyu recipes are listed below.

Wagyu Beef Ribeye with Avocado Raita

Although the traditional recipe for cooking wagyu ribeye is using butter or fat rendered off of the wagyu itself, this is a little bit of a lighter recipe with a simple side to offer a great pallet cleanser between bites.  We recommend following our guide on the preparation of the wagyu, however this recipe from Great Curry Recipes offers a nice and easy avocado side dish to go along with your delicious ribeye.

Strip Steaks with Rosemary-Garlic Butter, Taleggio Mashed Potatoes & Roasted Broccoli Rabe is a great recipe to elevate with our wagyu steak and wagyu ribeye.  A delicious dish that combines the classics of steak, potatoes, and broccoli.
Image of Strip Steak Dish from RachaelRayMag.com

Strip Steaks with Rosemary-Garlic Butter, Taleggio Mashed Potatoes & Roasted Broccoli Rabe

Although this recipe doesn’t call for Wagyu Strip Steak, it would elevate the dish by about 1000 percent by using it.  From Rachel Ray, this is a simple recipe that pairs two amazing sides with steak, mashed potatoes and broccoli.  Although we again recommend cooking your wagyu following the instructions we provide with your order, this is a great recipe to slightly modify and follow along with.

Lobster Claw & Knuckle Meat

The last product to highlight here is our Lobster Meat which comes in two pound bags.  It is cooked and shelled and ready to eat, or incorporated in any dish that lobster pairs with.  Many of the recipes we posted include sprucing it up with some lobster meat.  For instance, take a look at our lobster bisque recipe.  This recipe adds a little twist with a frothy finish, and adding some of the full beautiful claws that come in our bags of lobster meat are incredible.

Lobster meat is also a great topper.  Available as an add-on in all of our products, including the surf n turf package, topping your filet or wagyu with some chunked lobster meat will be an absolute hit.

In conclusion, as we welcome 2021 with open arms, we plan on also adding a variety of products to our store in the coming year.  Although the new products will be great, our core products listed in this article are here to stay, and we want to give them the proper recognition they deserve.

From all of us here at Lobster Trader, we wish you a happy and healthy new year.