Wagyu Steak

12oz MS9 Wagyu Strip Steak

Sourced from Australia
Sustainably Sourced
Our wagyu steak are marble grade 9 and the best of wagyu steak available online.  Try out our Wagyu New York Strip Steak Today
Our premium wagyu steak is the highest quality wagyu strip steak online.  With a marble rating of 9 it is the highest intramuscular fat content on the Australian MS grading scale.  MS9 Australian Wagyu Steak is the highest quality steak available for purchase online.

12oz Wagyu Stripsteak

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Price starting as low as $67.50

Our Boneless Australian Wagyu Strip Steak come in 12oz slices and are individually packaged.  Our Boneless Australian Wagyu Steak come from local suppliers and are sourced from sustainable Australian Farmers.  Lobster Trader’s #1 priority is to ensure the highest quality product, at the lowest lobster prices online, while providing sustainability to the ocean and land.


About our Product

Our 12oz Boneless Australian Wagyu NY Strip Steak with a marbling score of 9/9 is the highest possible grade Australian Wagyu Steak available. With a taste and tenderness that is unmatched, this is the best quality steak you will ever eat. We’re so happy to be able to provide you with this truly amazing quality wagyu steak at the lowest price anywhere online.

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Lobster Trader works with local sources importing premium Australian Wagyu Boneless Strip Steak with 9/9 marbling score which is the highest possible marbling score available. We cut the wagyu steak in 12 ounce cuts and sell them individually and in packs of two. We also have a 2 Wagyu Steak 4 Lobster Tail package available in our Surf n Turf package which includes free shipping.

How does Australian Wagyu Steak determine it’s marbling score?

The Australian beef grading system is regulated by the MLA (Meat and Livestock Australia) and is gaining in popularity amongst the luxury meat market. The scale is based on 0 (no intramuscular fat) to 9 (extreme amounts of intramuscular fat) marbled throughout the cut of beef. Here at Lobster Trader, we sell only MS9 (Extreme amounts of intramuscular fat), the highest rated Australian Wagyu available.

Australian Wagyu Ribeye with MS9 Marbling grade is the highest quality Australian Ribeye available online. With a score of 9 it has the highest amount of intramuscular fat available, making it the best quality around!

Australian Wagyu Steak Flash Frozen and Vacuum Sealed

Upon order, your wagyu NY Strip steaks are vacuum sealed and individually packaged at our facility in Buffalo, NY with a health inspector on-site. Each package contains one 12oz Wagyu NY Strip Steaks that are perfectly sliced with customer satisfaction as the #1 priority in mind.

Frozen Lobster Tails from Lobster Trader come in vacuum sealed packaging when you Buy Lobster Tails Online.

Insulated Shipping of Wagyu Steak

Once vacuum sealed our team packages your wagyu steak with reusable, recyclable gel packs and ships at the latest point of the day to ensure your wagyu steak is enroute immediately, giving the shortest possible shipping time. While we offer overnight shipping, during cold months in northern states a 2 day shipping option may become available to you to lower shipping costs.

Buy lobster tails, buy lobster meat, and buy lobster rolls online with lobster trader. Recipe sheets are included in every order as well as free swag when you buy lobster online from lobster trader.

Recipe Sheets Included with Every Order

Included in your order is recipe sheets that are updated frequently. Along with the refrigerated packaging you will receive a recipe sheet and memos of upcoming specials. You may even find some free swag from time to time!

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The Lobster Trader Guarantee

Lobster Trader specializes in negotiating prices with MSC certified fisheries and local ranchers to provide the best quality product available on the market. Our goal is to provide the best product at the best price available online to supply the entire country with lobster meat, lobster tails, wagyu steak, and great surf n turf packages. Prices fluctuate based on the market, and we only change prices depending on the deals we were able to receive at the current time. Our guarantee is that we will always work to have the lowest prices available online.

We ship all of our products in insulated packaging via UPS Next Day Air, UPS Next Day Air Saver, and UPS 2nd Day Air*. We generally undercharge for shipping at a cost to us, as shipping lobster meat and lobster tails via next day air is expensive. If there are any issues with delivery, please take pictures of the packaging, the tracking label, and the contents and we will work with UPS on a refund and replacement.

We treat every customer as our only customer, so please feel free to reach us via phone or email and we will be happy to talk. As a new company, our goal here at Lobster Trader is to develop a relationship with all of our customers, and provide them with the best possible deals and experience in purchasing high end products like lobster meat, lobster tails, and wagyu online.

*UPS 2nd Day Air only available during certain times of the year, and to select locations.