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Here at Lobster Trader, we work with Canadian Lobster Processors to get the highest quality product at the lowest prices for our customers. This relationship allows our customers to buy lobster online at the best prices possible, while ensuring top of the line quality. We diligently seek out processors with state of the art facilities, something that Canada has adapted quicker than anywhere else in the world, and import the product to Buffalo, NY. Lobster Trader can then provide the USA with the best lobster tails and lobster meat available.

Why Canadian Lobster?

Canadian Lobster Tails differs from Maine Lobster tails as Canadian Lobsters have a harder shell due to colder weather. This provides two benefits, a better taste and a higher quality product, especially when buying lobster online. Lobster Tails from Lobster Trader are from MSC certified fisheries which help in ocean sustainability. Here at Lobster Trader our number one priority is to allow our customers to buy lobster and get it delivered with the best quality possible. Be sure to check out some of our guides on how to cook lobster tail, butter poached lobster, lobster ravioli, lobster mac and cheese as well as some of our favorite lobster and steak recipes around the web.

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Our 12oz Wagyu Steak is the highest quality Australian Wagyu available online.

Wagyu Strip Steak

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Our 12oz Boneless Australian Wagyu NY Strip Steak with a marbling score of 9/9 is the highest possible grade Australian Wagyu Steak available. With a taste and tenderness that is unmatched, this is the best quality steak you will ever eat.

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The steak and lobster surf n turf package from Lobster Trader is our first signature package. We can't wait for you to try this surf n turf steak and lobster package. It includes 4 6oz grass-fed all natural tenderloin filets and 4 4-5oz north atlantic wild caught lobster tails. Try the surf n turf steak and lobster package today.

Surf n Turf Steak and Lobster Package

As low as $119.99
Our Surf n Turf package includes (4) 6oz Grass-Fed All Natural Tenderloin Filets and (4) Wild-Caught 4-5oz Atlantic Lobster Tails.

Surf N Turf

Buy Lobster from MSC certified lobster tail processors. Sustainability of the ocean is key when feeling guilt free about buying lobster online.

Lobster Trader and Ocean Sustainability

Here at, our goal is to provide our customers with the lowest price on lobster tails and other lobster products while also doing our part to protect the environment and save our oceans. The Marine Stewardship Council certification assures fisheries are doing their part to be managed properly and provide sustainability for generations of fisheries to come. To become MSC certified, fisheries must follow standards based on the United Nations food and Agriculture Organization’s code of conduct for responsible fisheries.

What does it mean?

By only buying lobster from MSC Certified Processors, Lobster Trader makes certain that our consumers are getting the cleanest, highest quality product, from safe and reliable fisheries. This means that your frozen lobster tails were caught and processed in a humane, clean, and ethical way. It also means that we will be able to keep a continuous supply of lobster on hand for generations to come.